by Rustling Birch

Perceive with your intellect,
And you will not find the Way.
The intellect is a trickster.
It studies, hypothesizes, and postulates.
In postulating, it assigns.
In assigning, it isolates.
In isolating, it objectifies.
By objectifying, it fails:
All that is isolated is unrelated.
All that is objectified is at once irrelevant.

Perceive with your soul,
And the Universe IS, undivided.
Perceive with your heart,
And the Other IS, unreduced.
Perceive with your spirit,
And the Truth IS, unconfined.

on Talking

The Tao that can be named
Is not the Tao... 

Seek to name things
and you will not find the Way.
Nameless, things are always what they are.
They wax and wane in the Universe.
They come and go, ebb and flow,
interconnected as a whole.
Give them a name and they fossilize.
Once signified, they become irrelevant.
They can only ever be what they were when named,
arrested along the way, imperfect and apart,
forever cut off from the whole.

Name not the Universe.
Narrow and inadequate, names betray the Universe.
Name not the Other.
Reductive and stunting, names diminish the Other.
Name not the Truth.
Pompous and bombastic, names belie the Truth.
Receive and accept without naming,
and you will find the Way.

The one who knows does not speak.

The one who speaks does not know.