by Whispering Pine


In preparation for celebrating the beginning of the Year of the Goat and the end of the Year of the Horse, the senior students worked together creating a banner for the New Year.

With scissors and glue, and bright coloured paper, like a primary school art class, we cut and assembled with much fun and laughter, working in teams late into the evening.

Red lanterns and auspicious decorations were put up to make our place festive and joyful.

Students arrived early to set up tables for the meal, cut the fruits, and make tea etc.

Many days beforehand Khai and Marie ­Claire were busy shopping and preparing for the much anticipated meal, a Chinese fondue. On the evening they showed us how to proceed and use the utensils.

Ceremonies included singing the Chinese New Year song Gongxi, Gongxi, Gongxi Ni. You could feel the shared happiness and joy.

At the end the symbolic Hong Bao were presented. In Chinese tradition this includes a gift of money in a red envelope. Usually it is a task of the elders. In most cases it is parents giving to their children, and grandparents to their grandchildren. It is also a common practise of employers to show appreciation to their employees for their hard work. 

GongXi GongXi !!

恭喜恭喜 !!