by Whispering Pine

Here comes the Monkey, “agile, witty, intelligent, and with a magnetic personality. Character traits such as mischievousness, curiosity, and cleverness, make him very naughty. Monkeys are fast learners and crafty opportunists”. So this is the Monkey.
As always there will be fortune and misfortune in our individual daily affairs, finance, health and so on, things that we are most concerned with for ourselves and our loved ones. We all wish and hope for the best for everyone, including ourselves. When we are all doing well, then there is general harmony and cordial conduct in our society. 

Best it is to help where and when we can, those less fortunate or who simply have less. Just imagine if the top one percent could share most of what they have. They would still have enough, a lot more than they could ever need or consume.  How much happiness and well-being they could bring to their fellow men, women and children. Much less hunger, ill heath, violence and difficulties for all.

However we, individually, each have to strive and stand up to our daily challenges, and not be too afraid or be set back by difficulties. Forward we march. Resistance helps us grow and develop resilience, endurance and strength. Just like doing push-ups, it is normal that we not do too much at  first; it is difficult and could be uncomfortable. There is soreness the next day, after we have exceeded our limit. Here the wise saying ’No pain no gain’ is a very good reminder. Tomorrow, we will be stronger if we persevere and continue with our daily push-up routine. When slowly and periodically we increase the number push-ups we do, the result and feeling of accomplishment is always very satisfying.

When we feel good about ourselves, being strong, seeing our accomplishment, our self confidence will surely improve. We feel better, and have a more positive attitude, greater self esteem and less worry. Then we are in a better position and better prepared to meet  any challenges.  Just a little extra work and we can overcome many problems small or big by being more positive in our outlook on life. Things will be less difficult to face.

That is all pretty much what we all already know or have heard or read somewhere. The wisdom is already available, it is just the practice of it is a little lacking, so I would say this is just a reminder. When we teach we learn to repeat. Students often remind me that otherwise memory is unreliable and often fleeting. 

Confidence comes from doing, and accomplishing what we set out to do. The power of repetition is often not realized. What we do mindfully over and over again endures, and brings clarity and understanding. What is  seldom done, seldom lasts.

So it is ongoing and daily repeated practice that will benefit us and lead us to somewhere beautiful…

Let's be clever and catch ourselves this opportunity.

Happy New Year!!!
We can celebrate and rejoice.... and share that we have made it to here.