The Way of Meeting Energies

Aikido is a traditional yet modern Japanese martial art that was first developed by Ueshiba Morihei O'Sensei in the 1920's. It typically uses circular motions to redirect an attack. It aims to use the minimum force necessary to escape from or subdue an aggressor. Aikido is suited to those who are interested in effective, ethical self defence, as well as physical and mental self-development.

Practice at the Jiseikan stresses mutual respect and cooperation. Safe but sincere attacks are part of learning self defence. Students gain skills for combative situations and mental preparedness for less threatening challenges in everyday life.

Aikido training is intensely absorbing and highly interactive. It develops endurance, flexibility, strength, balance and coordination of body and mind. It promotes awareness, self-discipline, spontaneity and self-confidence.

Aikido is non-competitive. It is not a sport. It is adaptable and beneficial for women and men of all ages and fitness levels. Mutual safety and welfare are the first consideration. Our teacher is Mr. Hiang-Lai Lau. He has been practicing martial arts for over thirty-five years. Students are encouraged to progress at their own individual pace under his careful supervision.

New students can register and join throughout the year. A plain white cotton uniform is recommended, and can be purchased at the dojo. Beginners can wear 'sweats' or T-shirt and shorts or such, to start.