at the Jiseikan dojo

In addition to our regular classes, each year we have a variety of special events as described below in general terms. 

There are links to particular past events, at the bottom of this page. 

Cold Weather Training

As traditionally held in Japan in the coldest part of winter, Kangeiko is our week in January when students can take part in an extra session of training early every day.  Each session begins at  five-thirty in the morning, so we learn how we  deal with that discomfort, and we can still get to our workplaces afterwards. We stretch our limits and we get a power boost for the new year. The training always centres around some theme such as fluidity, timing, or adapting to the momentum of an attack.

After the last session of the week, students prepare and share breakfast, and everyone takes the opportunity to relate their personal experience of the camp.

Summer Intensive Training

Jiseicamp is an annual week-long immersive training experience for those who undertake it. It takes us beyond our comfort zones. It sharpens our concentration and awareness. It gets us back into shape for an active summer.

Morning sessions begin at five-thirty. Afterwards we prepare and eat breakfast together. Then we clean up, do some dojo maintenance, and rest before the mid-morning practice. Afternoons are free to us, and then there is the evening session. Some students attend three sessions per day, others two or one.

Breakfast on the last day is a chance for mondo (discussion), when we participate in the oral tradition of the martial arts and talk about any aspects of practice.

The conclusion of camp is a potluck barbeque, shared with our families, held at the home of one of the participants. Korean Beef Ribs is our traditional main dish.

Family Celebration

Each December we invite friends and family to celebrate with us. The festivities start with technical demonstrations by our several martial arts classes, and afterwards we share favourite dishes we have prepared for the occasion. It is our time to collectively thank those who support us.

Chinese New Year

One evening during the week of the first full moon after the winter solstice, our Teacher and Students gather at the dojo. It is our time to celebrate our accomplishments of the past year and to toast-in the new.  


Several times a year we offer special workshops to study martial arts techniques that are related to our style of aikido but distinct from it, or to dwell on some aspect of our practice that requires extra attention. 

The following links will take you to particular past events..