Help for newcomers

How can I tell if the Jiseikan dojo would be right for me?

  • Have a look through this website 
  • Drop in and watch some classes at the dojo
  • Talk to some of the students
  • Be sure to speak with our teacher
  • Participate in a couple of classes before deciding to register
  • You won't need a uniform right away 
  • Loose, durable clothing like sweat pants/shirt would be fine

What are your guiding principles?

  • Safety comes first
  • Growth is needed for health and happiness
  • By participating in each other's experience we help each other to grow
  • Harmony and readiness bring peace to mind and body

What sort of Aikido do you practice?

  • Our practice closely follows the martial arts system that Minoru Mochizuki O'Sensei developed in Japan and brought to North America and Europe  in the 1950s through 1980s. 
  • Our students learn to provide safe but sincere attacks including punches and kicks, so in turn they can properly practice defense techniques. Those techniques include many from traditional judo and ju jutsu, chosen for their safety and effectiveness, and applied with flexibility to overcome stiffness.
  • Traditional weapons, particularly the sword, are studied for extra insight.
  • We wear plain white judo uniforms.
  • Aikido is suited to ordinary people, and it promotes fitness.

As a new student, what could I expect to experience?

Beginner classes concentrate on:
  • Acting with awareness of self and partners
  • Fundamental movements and techniques 
  • Mutual respect, care and safety
  • Classes mix people of all ages 
  • A new student practices one-on-one with a senior student at first
  • Each student progresses at their own pace
  • There is no competition or timetable for advancement
  • Practices reduce stress