Growth Begins With a Strong Foundation

Judo at the Jiseikan dojo is taught primarily to children (four years and up). Instruction is tailored to their particular learning needs. 

Training is non-competitive. It  stresses the  fundamentals.  Judo teaches children to be attentive and observant, to become better learners. Its practice improves coordination, stamina and resilience. The group experience naturally shows children the benefits of kindness and respect.

Our teacher and assistants strive to make practice fun, but not a joke. Classes encourage discipline, respect, and concentration.

Aiki-Judo: Our goal is to provide the kids with a well-rounded martial arts foundation. When they have absorbed the elements of traditional judo, we add in some basics of Aikido, to expose them to a broad range of principles and techniques.

New students can register and join throughout the year. A plain white cotton uniform is recommended. Beginners can wear 'sweats' or such, to start.