Very Sorry!

No classes for now until the emergency is lifted.

Good Morning

Well, the Ontario government has changed our zone from red to orange. Some businesses will be opening: salons, restaurants, gyms, etc. because of the economy. Be aware: it is not because it is safe! It isn?t yet time for celebration.

Red means danger, stay home, and keep your distance, away from others who are not in your bubble.

Orange is just as colourful as red, but to me it means be cautious. The situation could be just as dangerous. The virus can still strike.

Do you think the virus understands or acknowledges that the colour has changed... that it should relent a little?

Will it be less vicious than it was when the code was red?

I would suggest that it is better to err on the side of caution.

The medical experts also prefer that we be careful, that we not be blinded by colour.

We also now have these new kids on the block, in the form of variants. And I am not exactly sure what they are like.

They already have a reputation?not a good one, mind you.

We have come a long way, put up with lots of inconveniences, and suffered under heavy stress. We are almost at the end of the pandemic so we must continue to stay vigilant and not slack off or get careless.

It is not over until it is over!!;).

Your family needs you, so avoid crowds, respect social distancing, wear your mask, wash your hands, etc. as advised by legitimate medical experts.

The virus does not move around, we move it. It simply just dies if we do not feed it.


While we are unable to have classes at the dojo, we will provide some videos here to help students to review..

Try to stay positive.
Be brave, kind, and strong,
for all cruelty springs from weakness.
Respect physical distancing, but stay in touch!
Trust that it will all work out in the end.
Let the difficult situation bring out the best in you.

Stay calm and relax!
We will be back!

And please attend to the following..

Wash your hands.
Practice distancing.
Do not bring harm to others, we are all in this together!!
At present, exercise caution and patience.
Practice compassion, responsibility and consideration
To your self and those around us.
Stay healthy; go for a walk but practice physical distancing, wash your hands.
Do your warmup exercises as we did in our normal classes.
Watch your diet; I do eat a little less at meal time as I am less active.
Embrace spiritually, a great time for self-reflection, and
Practice visualization of the aikido techniques or tai chi if space is restricted
Stay calm, relax, and stay home.
"Nothing is permanent in this world
Even our troubles"

Warmest Regards,

The Arts

At the Jiseikan dojo, we practice primarily Jiseikan Aikido. We also provide training in Tai Chi for adults, and Judo for children.

Schedule of classes

Aikido, adult and youth

Noon12:00 to 1:00Mon, Wed
Evening6:30 to 7:30Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

Children, aiki-judo

Morning10:00 to 11:00Sat only
Evening5:30 to 6:30Tue, Thu

Tai Chi, all ages

Noon12:00 to 1:00Tue, Thu
Evening5:00 to 6:00Mon, Wed


716-4 Industrial Ave.
Ottawa, Ontario



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